For every year you live in the Decatur city limits (and you can work anywhere you want), we pay up to $3,000 of your student loan. We pay up to $15,000 of student loans per person.



Decatur, Alabama is an arts and outdoors community located on the Tennessee River. We are a Top 10 city for engineers and offer a low cost of living, vibrant but not insane pace of life, and much more.  We are located halfway between Nashville and Birmingham on I-65. The Best & Brightest Initiative represents our decision to invest in our future by recruiting even more STEM young professionals, and we are the first city in the country to offer a comprehensive incentive package for this purpose.  Unlike traditional programs that only provide financial incentives, we offer you the infrastructure for an enjoyable, healthy, and productive life:

You will meet with community leaders, receive briefings, and have the chance to benefit from leaders' knowledge and experiences.

We are home to multiple Fortune 500 companies, engineering firms, and rapidly growing tech companies.  You’ll meet them, get the chance to build relationships, and learn about employment opportunities.

​​​Do you care about animals? The environment? Something else? We will help you join a Board of Directors or other position from which your ideas and opinions can be translated into immediate impact.