****After your application is submitted, you will receive an email from us that may request additional documentation. Once we've made selections, we will contact you regarding your approval status and further instructions.****

​We plan to admit a 2020 Class - feel free to apply now! Please note our 2020 application requires a STEM degree from any four-year university located in the state of Alabama. 


Instructions: Applicants can now apply for the 2020 class. The online application below needs to be submitted at the

same time you complete it - it cannot be saved. Applying for the Initiative does not guarantee that you will be accepted,

but every applicant will be given serious consideration. Finally, please keep these requirements in mind:

1.    You must not have established residency in Morgan County, Alabama on the date you submit your application for

the Best & Brightest Initiative. If selected for the Initiative, you agree to live in the city limits of Decatur, Alabama, but you

can work any place you want.

2.    You must have earned a degree in a STEM-related field after January 1, 2014 from a four-year university in Alabama.
3.    You must have a verifiable and outstanding student loan debt.

4. Applicants cannot be a resident of either Morgan or Limestone Counties at the time of application (note we have 

    requested that this restriction be limited to Morgan)

****After your application is submitted, we may email you and ask for additional documentation, including

      transcripts, to verify student loan balances and establish a payment process. We will notify you with your approval 

      status and further instructions.****